The Quranic Study And Research Center has been established with an objective of disseminating the teachings of the holy Quran the last divine message revealed on Mohammed (s.a.s) - the last divine message revealed on Mohammed (s.a.s) - the last messenger of Allah. The main focus of the activities of the society is on separating out the non-quranic concepts which have crept into the Deen-e-Islam, and to project the teaching of Holy Quran and elaborating their realities through proof and reason.  

This society neither belongs to any political party not it is related to any religious organization.

This institution presents material helpful in understanding the message of the Holy Quran. The kind of approach adopted will help people understand truth and realities expressed by the holy Quran. Our Material for explanation is also a human attempt like other works on Quranic Explanation, it cannot claim to be free from errors. The society will appreciate very much if any error found in the material is communicated to the organization provided it is based on Quranic Foundation.

Aims & Objectives

To introduce to people of all classes, irrespective of religious denominations, message of the holy Quran in different languages of the Quran basically meant for all-round development of mankind.

To Help people improve their educational, economic, moral, and social behavior through Devine teachings to be adopted in daily life. This will enable them to become a good and responsible citizen in every walk of life.

To enable people understand the high moral character coupled with good deeds necessary to become worthy member of society - an individual having truthfulness, honesty, charity, sense of justice, strong conscience, the courage to enjoin the right and forbid the wrong, and above all an understanding of human nature and kindness and love for all human beings.